Monday, June 29, 2009

Kati's Bridal Shower

Kati's bridal shower was this weekend, and it turned out great! I am Kati's maid of honor and helped get the shower together with party favors and organizing games. All of the hard work was completed by Kati's family. What really made the shower unique and quite pretty was the venue. We held the shower at The Blum House in Collinsville, IL. This house was built in 1900 and was donated to the Mississippi Valley Public Library District in 1997. Since then, the house has been used for rental to individuals and businesses for meetings and social gatherings.
This is the home from the outside:
This is the sun room where we put presents, cake, and the buffet line:
We also used it later for the judging of "Toilet Paper Bride."

Main room where all the guests sat, I assume this was the living room:
The bride to be and I:

We used the staircase as a place for photo ops. Here are the girls in the bridal party.

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