Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Valentine's Day! No romance here, but I will be spending my evening watching movies on Lifetime-Pretty Woman, Where the Heart Is, and Jane Austen Book Club-should be a pretty good movie night. :-) Oh, and of course eating a little chocolate. The snow is falling outside, so it will be nice to be cozy in blankets indoors.

This week has been very difficult for me, but my tears have been a little less the past few days. I miss our dog Elliot so much-he was so special to me and made such an impact on my life in my five years of knowing him. It's still hard to talk about him, but I know with time it will be easier.

photo via we heart it

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I've been absent from this blog for awhile due to several reasons, but mostly because I haven't been in the best of spirits. Our sweet Elliot, who was diagnosed with cancer at the end of last year, had to be put to sleep yesterday. He led a very long life, was 14 years old, 10 months and was very loved. We miss him terribly, but we take comfort in knowing that he lived a good life. He loved playing in the woods, chasing squirrels, tug of war, food, snuggling up next to us on the couch or bed, laying in the sun, and following us around the house. Even though we knew this day was coming for awhile now it was still very, very difficult. I've cried so much the last few days that I haven't been able to wear makeup and I've had many headaches. Gosh I hope I can start to pull together, I just miss him so much!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Stil in Berlin and UO

Urban Outfitters spring collection on real people on the streets of Berlin.
I am loving that black bustier top with the blue mini.

photos via Urban Outfitters
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