Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Movies for October

These movies (and TV show) all give me that warm and fuzzy feeling of Autumn:

The whole movie is not set in Fall, but the scenes that are set in Fall are beautiful.

A spooky movie for Halloween-which is on a level of spookiness I can handle.

One of my favorite movies. Collegiate atmosphere and fantastic soundtrack.

The academic atmosphere always reminds me of Fall and the beginning of the school year excitement.  I miss school days! 

One of my favorite tv shows. I miss the show being on the air, but I do enjoy rewatching episodes on DVD. Once again, not all of the show is set in Autumn, but out of the 7 seasons, quite a few episodes are set in the Autumn months. The fictional small New England town of Stars Hollow is a perfect Fall setting. I think I'm going to need to watch this series again.....

Any favorite movies/TV shows that you like to watch in the Fall months?

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