Friday, November 30, 2012

5-Year Journal

I've always liked keeping a journal. The only problem is (as seen here and elsewhere), I sometimes suffer from writer's block and lack of creativity. Whenever I'm going through a problem in life, I can't stop writing, because writing is one of my coping mechanisms. However, when everything is going well, or just a little on the boring side, the pen stops.

I'd like to push past this and force myself to write through all experiences-good and bad-but in the meantime, the 5-year Question a day journal has caught my eye. I've seen the 5-year journals before and I think they are a great idea. This journal prompts you with a question a day, on multiple topics, for 5 years. It would be fun seeing how your answers change through the years. But, another aspect I like is the new random topic to write about. This journal has very little space, but the question might be the little spark that you need to write a more substantial journal entry or essay.

Definitely an item I can see myself buying in the future.

Journal and photos from Modcloth.

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