Thursday, July 11, 2013

An American in Paris

I was a little late in getting around to watching this, but I finally watched the musical, An American in Paris this past weekend. My favorite musical is Singin' in the Rain, largely because of Gene Kelly and his great dancing, so it is no surprise that I also loved An American in Paris. Those golden years of musicals-1940s and 1950s were truly something special. I can't believe how talented these people were-so many triple threats with the singing, dancing, and acting.

My friends and I had intentions of playing board games and playing this movie in the background but within 5 minutes we were sucked into the movie (1 out of 3 had already seen it) and we didn't play a game until the movie was over.

I'm happy that it is Muny season and I get to see a musical live every week. This week is South Pacific, next week is Les Miserables, then Mary Poppins, and last West Side Story. Very excited for that last stretch of shows!

Besides seeing musicals every week, I'm also in the mood to rent more classic musicals. What are your favorites?

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