Friday, June 7, 2013


This week I started taking a walk each day. Nothing much, just a 25-30 minute walk, but it's a start to making a habit (I hope!). Since I have a desk job and work from home, I don't get out much or get much physical activity. I've been trying to squeeze in one walk a day and will continue with that next week. My goal is at least 6 walks a week. After doing this for a month I want to see if I can add some other activity. My problem in the past has been jumping into a high impact activity and having problems with my knees and ankles. I think part of that problem is my extra weight, so I'm hoping with walking more regularly and reducing sugary drinks I can drop a few pounds.

This week I mixed up locations a few time-walks in my neighborhood and walks at the local high school track. I also have a few other options close by so I plan on continuing to mix it up with new locations.

I love Zumba classes so I'm hoping I can get in decent enough shape to get back to one of those classes and hopefully not hurt myself again!

Photo from last night (edited with Over App)

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