Sunday, September 6, 2009

Holiday Weekend

And now we say goodbye to summer. It's been a bit rainy this weekend here, but I've still found some time to get outside. Labor Day really does sneak up on me every summer, but this summer especially!

This week I:
-met with a Sylvan Learning Center in my town and secured a part time job. I'll be tutoring the science portion in an ACT prep course for high schoolers.
-picked up a substitute teaching packet for a local school district-hopefully we'll get that paperwork finished this week
-went to a Greek festival in St. Louis-ate some tasty Greek desserts!
-visited with good friends
-jogged the nature trails with my mom and Carl-so beautiful after a rainy day
-said goodbye to a wonderful man-Ernie Wentzel, he will be missed by many.

Photo via fffound

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